REVIEW: Miss Taken – Cleo Scornavacca

18674369Title: Miss Taken
Author: Cleo Scornavacca
Series: Book 1 in the Miss Taken Identity series
Genre: romance
Page count: 328
POV: Rain Medic
Rating: **

This book wasn’t dire, but it wasn’t great either. The overall plot was fairly strong and promising, but unfortunately it fell short. Scornavacca’s writing could have done with some thorough editing; she would switch between present and past tense even within a sentence, and it was plagued with short sentences and a lack of development. The main issue with the writing is that Scornavacca is someone who tells rather than shows, with much of the plot occurring through dialogue, and very little emotional address around this. Consequently, it was difficult to understand and engage with the characters and the plot. Scornavacca also clearly loves Italy (nothing wrong with that in itself), but a large chunk of the plot was taken up by her showing off about her knowledge of Naples and Capri, naming exact places and hotels, and actually writing in Italian. It’s simply not necessary, and really quite irritating.

Aside from the poor writing, the characters themselves were, frankly, very unlikeable. Rain was like a wet blanket and Dominick was a mood-swinging tosspot. There were too many dramas in their relationship for it to be believable, there was no slow burning attraction, just a sudden WHAM, and Rain’s actions after her kidnapping were just ridiculous.

Finally, PLEASE can someone tell romance characters to use protection?


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