REVIEW: Three – S.C. Daiko

30177758Title: Three
Author: S.C. Daiko
Series: standalone (prequel and sequel planned)
Genre: erotic romance
Rating: ****

I’m not going to lie – I had to change my underwear after reading this one.

His stubble scratches my lips and he tastes of sin and scotch. 

Three is a smouldering story of countless three-way sexcapades, but with the added bonus of true romantic feelings between the three characters, without any of the typical dramas found in these types of book. I really loved the fact that Lauren was such a strong character, knowing exactly what she wanted and not having a huge internal struggle over the morality of the situation.

Their arms hold me tight, and it feel so right, so beautifully right. I belong here. I belong to them. 

The three characters were all really likeable and well-formed, their voices so personal that it was easy to tell who was speaking at any given time. Although there was a sub-plot, it was very much in the background until closer to the end, and perhaps could have been a little more prevalent throughout.

Who’d ever have thought loving two men could feel this good? 

A scorching yet surprisingly sweet read.



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