REVIEW: Courtesan – S.C. Daiko

30107850Title: Courtesan
Author: S.C. Daiko
Series: standalone
Genre: Historical erotic romance
Page count: 296
Rating: ****

I tend to stay away from historical romance as I have a background in archaeology and find it very difficult to read them without critiquing the accuracy of it. However, I’m immensely glad I made the decision to read this one – it doesn’t disappoint. Daiko has clearly put in a lot of research, evident through her vivid and detailed descriptions of food and materials, creating a rich, sensuous read.

He takes my hand and draws it between us. “You think you can get your pretty mouth around this?” 

This book is split in half – the first is about Theodora, the second about Veronica Franco; both were courtesans, both rose high in a man’s world. With some intensely erotic, intensely filthy scenes, the focus is on these women’s relationships and their ambitions. Daiko has really perfected the unique voices of these women, using archaic, if not somewhat cold, language, that surprisingly works pretty well in an erotic setting.

Is it too late to give my heart to just one man? 

These novellas are a main course of sizzling erotica, a side dish of historical context and a dessert of female ambition.


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