REVIEW: In His Corner – Vina Arno

23450190Title: In His Corner
Author: Vina Arno
Series: standalone
Genre: romance
Page count: 110
Rating: ** 

This is a short but sweet story about two people from different walks of life meeting and falling in love. A basic ‘opposites attract’ narrative, and a decent foundation for Arno to build on in her future work. Arno writes in an interesting way not normally seen in romance books, somewhat cold and detached but as if the narrator is a character in itself rather than an omniscient characterless presence. This is, however, the most intriguing part of the book, steering the reader unrelentingly to the conclusion.

The characters weren’t particularly likeable, more basic, irritating caricatures two different classes; Siena was particularly frustrating in her immensely snobbish nature, and joins the list of female characters deserving a good slap. Yet, if Tommy had said the word “homie” again he would have deserved the same fate.


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