REVIEW: Wasted Words – Staci Hart

29589501Title: Wasted Words
Author: Staci Hart
Series: standalone
Genre: romance
Page count: 326
Rating: *****

What a read.

It was then that I saw him, really saw him. I saw a future with him, maybe even a forever. 

This is one of the few books I have read that, just 10% in, I have fallen in love with. I love the neediness, I love the anxieties, I love Cam and I REALLY love Tyler. There was no forced angst, everything was completely natural and true to the characters; Cam’s anxieties and needs for reassurance were so true as I have felt exactly the same in my own relationships. It was so relatable that I honestly just could not put it down.

He was mine. I was his. And I knew then I’d never give myself to anyone else. 

Hart’s writing is immaculate, hilarious, and just wonderful, the ability to weave such a powerful story that has left me with a major book hangover and probably ruined me for the next week. This is one of those books which captures you, heart and soul, and runs so much deeper than the norm, easily warranting one of my rare five star reviews. I felt like I was living what I was reading, and never before have I rooted so much for a couple. Absolute perfection.


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