REVIEW: Owned – M. Never

23306129Title: Owned
Author: M. Never
Series: Decadence after Dark #1
Page count: 237
Genre: dark erotic romance
Rating: ***

This was a strong book, very well-written with plenty of dark yet achingly erotic scenes. There was a very interesting subplot, which perhaps could have taken more prevalence and development throughout the book rather than being confined to the end.

“I like you collared, baby. I like you naked. I like you mine”. 

Although Ellie was very sassy (as you probably know by now, I can’t stand silly female leads), my main gripe with this book was that I just didn’t like Kayne. In the beginning of the book, his humour and the twinkle in his eyes was mesmerising but that man was gone after the first few scenes, becoming someone who, frankly, was a little whiny in his POV chapters, trying to excuse his behaviour based on his past. I’d rather, in dark romances, the offending character actually just owns that he is like that, and accepts it – unfortunately, I just felt like it massively lightened what could have been a very dark read.

Overall, it was good – great, even. Just not successful in its attempt at darkness.


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