REVIEW: Danger – Fiona Davenport

30198696Title: Danger
Author: Fiona Davenport
Series: Mafia Ties #2
Genre: crime/romance
Rating: ***

This is another very well-written instalment of the Mafia Ties serial, another read that takes less than an hour and is a nice short, sharp burst of action, prepping for the next and final instalment.

Although it was very enjoyable, something leaves me a little cold towards it still – and that is that I just don’t like the characters. Nic is too controlling and overprotective, and whereas normally in romance this is countered by a feisty female, Anna really has no fight in her and seems to just be letting this all happen around her. And really – what relationship would ever move so fast?!

I’m looking forward to seeing how this serial ends.


One Comment

  1. […] Read our review here This is not a standalone   **Danger: Mafia Ties #3 release date: June 6, 2016**       Available on Kindle Unlimited PURCHASE LINKS: Amazon US │ Amazon UK │ Amazon CA │ Amazon AU     BLURB: Anna Martin was looking for a nanny position, but she found more than she bargained for when she fell for single dad Nic DeLuca. When she finds out he’s a mafia boss, her head tells her to run but her heart tells her to stay. With his baby girl in the hospital, Anna stands by her man in his time of need. But when danger swirls around them, will they manage to find happiness together? Please note: Nic & Anna’s romance is a three-part story, but there are no relationship cliffhangers.    […]



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