REVIEW: Ruined – M. Never

25262385Title: Ruined
Author: M. Never
Series: Decadence After Dark #3
Genre: romance
Rating: *****

Ruined is a short, sweet epilogue to the relationship between Kayne and Ellie that has unfolded over two dark instalments. The darkness is gone, and this wonderful little gem just finishes their story absolutely perfectly, wrapping it all up.

This novella begins four years after the events of Claimed, and deals with acceptance and overcoming these emotional scars for the future. Not only has Ellie and Kayne’s relationship matured hugely (Kayne, at this stage, is now someone I would happily add to my book boyfriend list), but their deep friendships (!) with London and Jett are also wonderful to delve a little further into. Jett is still my boy – all the way through!

This is, for me, the best, and steamiest, instalment of the series.


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