REVIEW: Remi’s Choice – Amanda Wylde

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00034]Title: Remi’s Choice
Author: Amanda Wylde
Series: The De Luca Boys #1 (standalone in a series)
Genre: romance
Rating: ***

This was a very good read, really well-written and emotionally captivating. I have to admit, I find it incredibly difficult to read books involving affairs and cheating – they make me feel physically sick and give me the shakes and all manner of anxiety, meaning I had to force myself to keep reading on many an occasion.

I also can’t help but think that a lot of the drama in this could have been avoided right from the beginning, if the characters were just a little more truthful. When I didn’t want to throw my Kindle across the room, I wanted to punch Travis and Remi quite a bit, and at the same time I wanted to keep Kris all to myself – he felt to me like the most developed character out of the lot of them.

This is a good book, I would definitely recommend it (especially if you’re after something with a deeply emotional struggle), and I am – sort of – looking forward to forcing myself through the next one.

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