REVIEW: Seth – Jo Raven


May 29, 2016 by evesummers

26790086Title: Seth
Author: Jo Raven
Series: Damage Control #3 (standalone)
Genre: romance 
Rating: ****

Once again, Jo Raven seamlessly intwines several characters from prior instalments and different series of her novels; she has crafted a strong family dynamic and world which is more enjoyable to delve into every time I read the next one.

Jo Raven has a way of writing that focuses on the individual characters’ personal past problems, whilst working towards a mutual happy ending; the lack of focus on petty drama between the two is unbelievably refreshing and gives the stories and characters much more depth. Topped off with some steamy scenes, this is yet another of her romances that is absolutely delightful to indulge in. This series, three books in, is definitely a favourite of mine and has made me desperate to read on and also read her other works in the same world.


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