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REVIEW: Available to Chat – Jacy Sutton

29287338Title: Available to Chat
Author: Jacy Sutton
Series: standalone
Genre: romance
Rating: ****

As a debut novel by Jacy Sutton, I found this absolutely brilliant. It’s an entirely unique read, about a woman trapped in a passionless, sexually unsatisfying marriage, and having the temptation of an online beau who is able to reignite her.

I have to admit, I’m not one for books that deal with affairs as the theme normally makes me feel physically sick; Sutton has managed to weave a tale that is simultaneously hilarious and heartbreaking, emotionally capturing the reader yet avoiding this typical affair-aversion syndrome they normally ignite.

I was not expecting the ending at all, and I found Olivia to be a great, strong character – it’s absolutely wonderful to have a romance with a more introspective look at the self, rather than everything revolving around particular relationships.

Judging from this debut, I can’t wait to see what Sutton has next up her sleeve.

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