REVIEW: Red on the Moon – Rhiannon Wellman

26215960Title: Red on the Moon
Author: Rhiannon Wellman
Series: The Mark of the Moon #1
Genre: paranormal romance
Rating: **

This is a short novella which doesn’t quite live up to its potential. There is a whole universe with mythology contained in these chapters, and had the book been extended (it could quite easily have been in the 300-400 page range), it would have been much stronger. It’s difficult to become engrossed in a book when the mythology has to almost all be given in the beginning, along with the tragic backstories that realistically would only be admitted to once a certain level of trust and time had been given in a relationship.

The subplot of the murders again started off pretty interesting but was just too easily solved; once again something that would have been improved by a huge extension.

Wellman has a lot of potential within these pages and I hope they can come to fruition; I did enjoy this world which had clearly been thought out in a lot of detail, but for this to really permeate to the reader, it needs to be better paced.


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