REVIEW: Play Maker – Katie McCoy

30168894Title: Play Maker
Author: Katie McCoy
Series: standalone
Genre: romance
Rating: ****

This was a really fun, very steamy sports romance, written extremely well with perfect characterisation of the two leads. James and Nicole were highly developed and complex individuals, and although there was instant chemistry, this was not a story of insta-love but rather an unfolding fling-to-thing romance. James was just delicious, even if the overuse of typical British words such as “wanker” and “bloody” is quite funny to a British reader. Those blue eyes and that smile though…I could really build up a fantastic picture (and I very much liked it).

There was a little angst in this but luckily not too much, and nothing that wasn’t obviously going to be set in motion from the very beginning. Regardless, this was a funny and easy, well-paced read with fabulous sex scenes and one candy floss happy ending.


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