REVIEW: White – Aria Cole

29995911Title: White
Author: Aria Cole
Series: standalone
Genre: romance
Rating: **

Although Cole’s writing was excellent, this book left me a little cold. It was a great premise but lacking in development, filled with insta-love and forced angst. The chemistry between the two characters was strong, but the promised darkness from the beginning simply didn’t materialise.

I felt that their relationship moved too quickly – based on Evie’s background, this seemed to have been somewhat unlikely, and I would have liked to see more details on Asher’s life and his motives for pursuing a relationship with Evie. The ending felt rushed and too convenient and obvious for my liking, which in itself knocked this back a star.

Had this been a longer read, I think it would have had much better paced character and plot development. Despite this, I did enjoy reading it and Cole’s writing flowed really nicely.



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