REVIEW: Dreamthief – Tamara Grantham

dreamthiefTitle: Dreamthief
Author: Tamara Grantham
Series: Fairy World MD #1
Genre: fantasy
Rating: ****

This was a very well-crafted, thoughtful, and funny adventure. As with many fantasy novels and worlds, there are aspects I found a little confusing, and indeed still do, but I am pretty keen to go on and finish the trilogy, particularly with such a strong beginning.

It was by no means perfect – there was a lot of early exposition of the mythology done pretty clunkily through dialogue, when it would have been better through Olive’s thought process like the majority of the later part of the story. The ending felt a little rushed and too easy for my taste, whereas there were some aspects which were drawn out too much. But, the characters were complex and well-formed, and I was very much rooting for Olive and Kull, the wonderful Thor-like love interest, who also happens to be one of the more amusing characters.

Overall, a strong, engrossing introduction to a new fantasy world which has a lot of potential and a lot of scope for further exploration outside of this series – just as a fantasy universe should.


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