REVIEW: #Kissing – Ellie Brixton

kissingTitle: #Kissing
Author: Ellie Brixton
Series: standalone
Genre: second-chance/rockstar romance
Rating: *****

#Kissing is the debut novel by Ellie Brixton, and the novel that has propelled her to ‘insta-buy’ status for me. This was intense, emotional and incredible, a story about not only loving another and a second chance at doing so, but about loving yourself.

I don’t know how much of herself she put into Josie, if anything at all, but Brixton’s writing and creation of this lost character is so thorough that it just feels completely real, heart-breaking to watch the debauchery and decadent lifestyle that comprises the first half of the novel, and even more heart-wrenching when Josie returns home afterwards. This character has such a clear voice, and is so wonderfully complex, that all the thought processes and resultant actions we read, no matter how desperate (and sometimes awful), just make perfect sense.

Although it took me a little while to really get into the book, the pacing really did work, the slowness and detail of Josie being lost in the first half in particular – this book takes its time, allows the reader to really mull over what is going on, but more importantly, allows us to really become very attached to these characters and root for them wholeheartedly. Even though JQ doesn’t really appear in the book until quite a bit in, this just works and I still found myself falling for him a little.

This is a book to get lost in, a book to obsess over, and a book about so much more than simple romance. A must-read.

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