REVIEW: Into the Tomorrows – Whitney Barbetti


June 16, 2016 by evesummers

into the tomorrowsTitle: Into the Tomorrows
Author: Whitney Barbetti
Series: Bleeding Hearts #1
Genre: romance
Rating: *****

Goodness me, my mind is blown. This was a slowly unfolding, beautifully developing story not just about love but also about grief, finding oneself and finding happiness. What I enjoyed about this was how much of it revolved around solace in the outdoors, with the detail of multiple trips, hikes, wildlife, and the deep, easy conversations that occurred throughout.

It was beautiful to see life being given back to Trista, piece by piece, and the emotions addressed in her relationship with Colin and her conversations with Jude. I was completely and utterly engrossed. The best part was that all the angst and emotion was so natural, coming from the first events of the novel and the grieving processes, and none of it was forced just to create drama.

This story made me cry, made me angry and made me gasp, and it made me fall in love; the ability for a book to make me feel so much and wrap me up within its emotions is just such a wonderful, rare thing. And what a plot twist! I honestly cannot wait to continue this journey.


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