REVIEW: Recovery Road – Danielle Donaldson

recover roadTitle: Recovery Road
Author: Danielle Donaldson
Series: standalone
Genre: romance
Rating: ***

I found this enjoyable and satisfying, if not a little predictable. As a debut novel, it’s a great effort and comes across very confidently. I think, had it been a little longer, the pacing would have done the novel more justice, rather than a seemingly very sudden grieving process over being widowed. Similarly, it was difficult for me to really feel empathetic over Hudson’s death when there wasn’t much of a chance to really be introduced to him and get to like him at the beginning.

There was a fabulous supporting cast of highly developed characters with their own distinct personalities and lives, and they were each able to help Cat in their own ways; it was nice to see their interactions and the strengths of their relationships. I just wish this novel had been more about showing me what was happening, rather than just telling me people’s emotions and how I should be feeling as a reader.

A strong debut from an author with a lot of potential to keep keep an eye on, just not quite capturing my emotions enough.

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