REVIEW: Wild Abandon – Jeannine Colette

wild abandonTitle: Wild Abandon
Author: Jeannine Colette
Series: The Abandon Collection #3 (standalone in a series)
Genre: romance
Rating: *****

I’ve been sat here staring at my laptop screen for about five minutes, not sure what to write and how to do this book justice. I read it straight through in one sitting, and literally could not put my Kindle down. This is a well-crafted, beautifully-written story, a different approach to everlasting love. And it made me ugly cry. A lot.

Not only was I firmly engrossed and rooting for Nate and Crystal’s relationship, which was simultaneously sweet and hugely passionate, but I also found my heart racing for Nate’s past, falling in love with two stories at once and having my own heart broken because of the complexity and the pain of the situation.

But not only was this a highly emotional read, it was also funny in all the right places. Crystal’s online dates, her relationships and interactions with her friends, and most of all her conversations with Nate, which were written in such a real, human way that I could have easily had those exact conversations in my own life.

This is a perfect example of the reason I pick up books every day, the exact thing I am hoping to find. I am in love and I am heartbroken.


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