REVIEW: Aldin’s Wish – F.G. Adams

aldin's wishTitle: Aldin’s Wish
Author: F.G. Adams
Series: Enchanted Immortals #1
Genre: paranormal romance
Rating: **

This was a bit of a weird one. I wanted to like it – there was a hell of a lot of potential for a fantastic universe, which was clearly well-crafted and complex, and the conflict within it was gripping, highly interesting stuff. The BDSM sex scenes were steamy and detailed.

However, where this went wrong is in its length. It could have easily been a 300-400 page novel detailing back stories, unfolding slowly developing romances and plot twists, but everything was squished into a third of that, meaning that the pace was too rapid and there was this sickening insta-love, all with minimal development and easy resolutions. It’s a shame because this was shaping up to be absolutely excellent, and a massively interesting world.


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