REVIEW: Pieces of Camden – Yessi Smith

pieces of camdenTitle: Pieces of Camden
Author: Yessi Smith
Series: standalone
Genre: second-chance romance
Rating: ****

One of the reasons I love reviewing so much is that it opens my eyes to authors I had previously never heard of – Yessi Smith being one of them.

This is a deeply intense, emotional second-chance romance dealing with addiction, abuse and loss, and finding solace in family and love. It’s not an easy read, but it is well worth the time to read, beautifully constructed and fascinating, full of both desolation and hope in the midst of an epic love and strength through belief.

I can’t say I enjoyed reading this – I did at times, but at other times I hated the characters’ choices, becoming emotionally attached and finding it hard to keep reading in the midst of so much intensity. But that is what good books do, they captivate us and require us to keep reading, to feel and to believe in other worlds.


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