REVIEW: Behind the Blindfold – Natalie E. Wrye

behind the blindfoldTitle: Behind the Blindfold: The Complete Series
Author: Natalie E. Wrye
Genre: romantic suspense
Rating: ***

A nice duet, this box set consists of both instalments of the Behind the Blindfold series at your fingertips. Overall, it’s a decent romantic suspense plot, complicated by multiple subplots, and marred by a colloquial third-person writing style which I really didn’t get on with. I also wasn’t keen on the characters, feeling that they were a tad one-dimensional and a bit weak, really.

Read on for individual reviews of each part.

Title: Behind the Blindfold (Volume 1)
Author: Natalie E. Wrye
Series: Behind the Blindfold #1
Genre: romantic suspense
Rating: **

This was a fairly short first instalment of a two-parter romantic suspense. I found the sex scenes steamy and the plot engrossing, and the length of the novel did not detract from its development, which is a very welcome change from most shorter novels.

I think that had we not known there was something iffy and stalker-y going on through the structure of the novel, it would have perhaps been a better plot-twist and much more shocking (though I have my reservations and ideas that things are not as they seem). Furthermore, I found that I just didn’t agree with, or understand in any way, some of the choices the characters made in regards to their relationship and forgiveness, which irritated me; I’m probably more interested in a stronger lead female character. Finally, for me the writing style wasn’t my favourite, being in third person and very colloquial.

Yet, I am still interested in continuing to read this into the second instalment, because despite its flaws and not really being my cup of tea, the plot is just highly engrossing and I need to know what happens, and where my own suspicions and predictions fall into this.

Title: Behind the Blindfold: Uncovered
Author: Natalie E. Wrye
Series: Behind the Blindfold #2
Genre: romantic suspense
Rating: ***

This second and final instalment of the Behind the Blindfold duet starts off a short while after the end of its predecessor. I have to say that I had my guesses as to what would happen, and I was only partially correct, with a very well-executed plot twist. I’ve found, overall, that the plot of these two novels is excellent, highly interesting stuff. It’s just let down by the one-dimensional characters and dubious choices.

I mean, I became incredibly irritated by Saturday’s on-off feelings towards Mark, which was pretty repetitive. And I really didn’t agree with her letting him back in after the way he acted. I didn’t particularly like him and their insta-love was a little too much for me. There were also too many bad guys and strands to the plot, so it became overly dramatic.

But, overall, saved by its intriguing plot.


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