Cover: Two, Three, Four – S.C. Daiko


October 20, 2016 by evesummers

Two, Three, Four by S.C. Daiko
Series: Three #0.5, 1, 2
Genre: erotica
Release date: 25th November, 2016


Max Conti. One of the most eligible bachelors in Rome. Hot as fu*k and my boss.

Why am I crushing on him?

I don’t do crushes.

And I definitely don’t do falling in love.

But when Max proposes a “friends with benefits” relationship, and introduces me to his favorite kink, I find I can’t resist.

And then there’s Steve. Open to anything and a total hunk.

I shouldn’t want two men in my bed.

Except I do want them.

I want them so bad I can’t keep my head straight.

It’s lust, simple as that. No strings… just two guys, a girl, and a whole lotta sex.

I can handle that.

Sure I can.

It’s no big deal.

It’s not like I’m gonna fall for them or anything, right?


Sexy Italian Max has the starring role in some hot dreams and wild nights for Lauren when she leaves her life in Seattle behind to work for his company in Rome, Italy. There she’ll eventually meet gorgeous Englishman Steve, and then crazy ideas start to form in Lauren’s mind about having both men in her bed. When Lauren’s fantasy becomes reality, the two sex gods take her to such heights of kinky pleasure she never imagined possible. So what could possibly go wrong?


TWO THREE FOUR includes the never before published TWO, an updated version of THREE, and the unabridged FOUR. A panty-melting emotional read. 18+only.


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