Out now! Love Letter Duet (Encore Edition) – Callie Anderson

love-letter-duet-ebook-coverLove Letter Duet (Encore Edition) by Callie Anderson
Series: Love Letter Duet
Genre: contemporary romance/coming of age

Our love was fatal.

Weston Carter was all kinds of wrong for a girl like me. He was musician, a womanizer, and a first class heartbreaker.

But our love was epic, the kind people wrote stories about. We fell into it hard, unable to control our feelings.

The first time we met I knew.

Emilia was my love.

My muse.

The woman who owned my soul.

Emilia was perfection.

Two shattered hearts.

Two broken lives.

One f***ked up love story.

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Love Letter Duet (both within this edition)

  1. Invisible Love Letter
  2. Endless Love Letter

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