Rating Guide

Here is an explanation of what our ratings mean!

Disclaimer: our reviews and ratings are all based on our own honest opinions. We will never give a review/rating that does not reflect our personal opinion – but they are exactly that: personal.

Although many other authors choose to use a six star rating, Summer’s Eve Reads sticks to the five star scale. Our five star rating is that equivalent.

For a book to 
receive an elusive 5* review, it will be an immensely emotional read. Any sex scenes will blow our pants off. We could cut the sexual tension between the characters with a knife. We will finish these books feeling emotionally exhausted, teary and sometimes slightly depressed. They are not an easy read. These books will change our world in some way. The writing is flawless, the plot original. The characters are unique and developed. We would recommend these reads to everyone, and we intend to delve into the author’s back catalogue too.

For a book to receive a 4* review, it will have elements of originality. There may be a strong subplot aside from the romance. The writing will be fluid and easy to read, and there will be palpable chemistry between the characters. There may be some sizzling sex scenes. We will finish these books feeling glad we’ve read them, and we will definitely be reading any sequels. Although we may have had an emotional response to the books, they don’t leave us feeling like we’ve run a marathon afterwards.

For a book to receive a 3* review, it will contain too many romance tropes or too much drama for our liking. There are only so many times we can read about misunderstandings. The plot will be average, the writing will be average and possibly rushed. There may be some emotional pull towards the characters. We’re still not convinced we need to read a sequel…but we probably will anyway!

For a book to receive a 2* review, it will have some potential. The plot may be underdeveloped or the writing may be poor, but it still manages to draw us in regardless. Even if it’s just to laugh/shout/pull our hair out. It’s not a total waster.

For a book to receive a 1* review, it will be rushed, lacking in development and poorly written. The plot may have more holes than a Swiss cheese, or it may just be boring. To be honest, we really just wish we hadn’t spent our time reading it.

Did not finish. There may be many reasons for this, not simply that we didn’t enjoy it. A reason will always be provided when this occurs.

Heat Ratings

We’ve recently added heat ratings to our reviews. These are basically a personal reflection of how turned on we were whilst reading a particular book.

No Heat Rating
There are no sexual scenes in this story.

Limited sexual scenes which had no effect on us.

Limited sexual scenes which made us take a little notice.

More frequent sexual scenes which weren’t quite enough to push us over the edge.

Frequent, graphic scenes which encouraged us to want to have some fun.

These are the stories that required a change of underwear and a good dose of self-gratification.

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